My Story

My story begins with visiting a friends house and her showing me her Scentsy warmer.  I wasn't too impressed since I couldn't really smell anything.  I didn't show any interest for months, until another friend Barbara from church invited me over to her house for a Scentsy party.  I met Christine for the firt time and she helped me pick out my first bar, Luna!  She also had warmers on hand that I wouldn't have to wait for so I bought a mid-size and a plug in, a bar of Luna and a bar of Inner Peace.  It was several months later that Christine contacted me with a new catalog.  I was brought in by her sweet personality and we quickly became friends.  I had a couple of parties, and I was hooked.  I had family and friends wanting to order more and more.  I patienly saved enough money to open a bank account to buy my kit.  I've never been a fan of candles because I have small children and I don't have time to babysit a candle.  I LOVE scentsy, the warmers are safe, and they are decorative and you can change the scents!!  I am SO excited and I'm SO glad to be a part of Christine's team!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! :O) <!--endbody-->